"When children feel safe development takes off and they can reach their highest potential?

~ Mona Delahooke

About Abbey:

Does your child struggle behaviorally with the demands of their school day?

I get it.   My own child struggled immensely with staying regulated through the many demands of the day.   The demands being placed on my child exceeded the ability to meet them.  This left our family struggling through intense behavioral episodes that lasted for hours and were full of aggression towards me as well as destruction of our property.   These episodes would often occur after a school day full of supporting students who also had high behavioral needs.      I was tired and frustrated with trying to meet both my child and my students’ needs within the special education system.

Kids, neither mine nor yours, should not be defined by their behavioral challenges.  They are not a reflection of one’s parenting or teaching abilities.   They are an example of your child communicating that the demands of the environment are exceeding their current abilities.  And they are doing it in the only way they know how; however inefficient that may be.

My journey as a parent and an educator has left me very passionate about helping others families like mine.   First and foremost, I want you to know that you are not alone in this parenting journey.   I want you to know that special education rules and processes, do not need to feel overwhelming and complicated.    Most importantly, I want to teach you to better understand your child’s behaviors from a brain-based perspective so that we can partner to use this knowledge to support your child within the IEP process.

Today, life looks very different for me as a a parent and a special educator.   Brain-based teaching and parenting is at the heart of all of just about everything I do.   Books, trainings, conferences and some amazing mentors help me to continue learning and growing in this topic; enabling me to give my students and the families I serve the very best in social, emotional and behavioral support.  And thanks to an amazing local program built on these principles partnering with our family, my own child now has the tools needed to successfully navigate the demands of his school day.  A tough day no longer means a hole in the wall of our home, but rather a conversation where we problem solve collaboratively.

What does this mean for you?  You, and your child, can benefit from this knowledge by partnering with me as your IEP coach!  Schedule your FREE CONSULT now by clicking on the “Work With Me” tab above. 




  • Completed the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed  and  member of the Master IEP Coach® Network.
  • FOCUS ™ Certified Educator; Training completed with Dr. Amy Spoelstra.
  • Completed Tier 1 and Tier 2 Trainings for Collaborative Problem Solving through Think:Kids and HBCC.
  • District Behavior Specialist
  • Licensed  K-12 Special Education Teacher in California, Colorado and Idaho.
  • Licensed K-8 General Education Teacher in California and Idaho.