Which Service is Right for You?

No matter where you are in your IEP journey, I am here to support you and your family's needs.  My goal is always to ensure that your child's social, emotional and behavioral needs are being met so that they can reach their highest potential in their school environment.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

WHAT is a Free Consultation?  A Free consultation is a chance for me to listen to your top 3 concerns with your child's IEP and offer you practical next steps of support.   We will meet via phone or video to discuss your top 3 concerns.  After our meeting I will send you a follow up email recapping our conversation and offering you next steps of support.

WHO need a Free Consultation?  Anyone how has concerns about their child's IEP will benefit from a Free Consultation call.  You may or may not need further services, but this phone call is often very useful in helping you determine how to prioritize your concerns around your child's IEP.  There's no obligation to move forward after the call.  It's my pleasure to help you determine your family's needs.

HOW do I get a Free Consultation?  Click on the button below to schedule your Free Consultation .   In the form you'll be asked to provide me with your top three concerns to help me prepare for our conversation.  We will meet via phone or video once your call is scheduled.

WHAT if I need more than  Free Consultation?  I offer several packages that offer further support to best meet your needs.   Check out my IEP Review, 1-on-1 Coaching and IEP Meeting Packages for more information.

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WHAT is an IEP Review?  An IEP review is a comprehensive reading of your child's Annual IEP.  This includes a review of the most recent Annual IEP.  This service includes a written report with recommendations on how to proceed with your child's IEP team.  

WHO needs and IEP Review?  Anyone who wants an extra set of experienced eyes to interpret the document to make sure it's suited to the unique learning needs of your child.   This would also be beneficial for anyone who is on an IEP team that is communicating poorly or feels their child's IEP is not being implemented.

HOW do I prepare for an IEP Review?  When you purchase and IEP review, we'll start with a phone call to go over your top three areas of concern.   I'll ask you send me a digital copy of the most recent Annual IEP.  This can be obtained from the school by you or can be obtained by me with a signed consent.    After our phone call and receipt of documents, I'll get started on reviewing your child's IEP.

WHEN will my review be done?  Most IEP reviews will be completed within 3 days of our phone call and receipt of necessary documents.

WHAT if I need more than an IEP review?  I also offer document review (ie IEP Amendment) as well as complete records reviews (ie Eligibility or Psych Report).  Just contact me for the details.

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1-on-1 Coaching

WHAT is 1-on-1 coaching?  This is time that is 100% customized to your needs to support you with any challenges you are experiencing in the IEP process.  It can include support with team communication, advocating for IEP services, preparing for meetings, reviewing documents, etc.

WHO is IEP coaching for?  IEP Coaching is support and training for anyone who is feeling lost, confused or frustrated by the IEP process or for those who are seeking to better understand the process so they can better advocate for their children..  I can provide support for all parts of the IEP process ranging from evaluation, IEP development, IEP amendments and so on.  I'm also there for you to offer advice when problems arise and can help you advocate for your child with your team.  I will help you communicate effectively with your school team.

HOW are services provided? I offer multiple coaching options to clients based upon their needs.  Packages range from 1-on-1 coaching, coaching with IEP meeting attendance and a premium coaching package for those looking for more frequent communication and support in proactively monitoring IEP implementation.   All packages include coaching, advocacy and consulting as your child's case needs and offer administrative support such as emails and letters drafted on your behalf.   Each package is customized based upon your unique needs.

WHEN can I use time? Hours can be used any time up to 12 months from purchase.  And if you need more time, you can easily renew your package so we can keep going in your IEP journey.  All services are billed in 15 minute increments.

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IEP Meeting Attendance

WHO should have a Coach at the IEP meeting?  Everyone can benefit from an extra set of eyes and ears at the IEP table.  However, if you're feeling extra nervous, are still learning the IEP process, feel intimidated by the team, want someone to speak up for you, or take notes than and IEP Coach should be at your meeting.

HOW do you attend the IEP meeting?  I will attend IEP meetings by phone conference or video conference.

WHAT is included in the cost of the meeting?  This package includes 1 pre-meeting phone/video call, 1 meeting attendance regardless of meeting length, and 1 post meeting letter to the team summarizing the key points.


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